About us

Cog@Work is an AGE-WELL funded research group led by Dr. Arlene Astell, Dr. Jennifer Boger, Dr. Josephine McMurray, Dr. Catherine Burns, and Dr. AnneMarie Levy. AGE-WELL is a federally funded Network of Centres of Excellence accelerating innovation and technologies to improve aging.

AGE-WELL recognizes that to encourage the flow of ideas from universities to industry we must develop supportive infrastructure. Cog@Work is a program that focuses on research and networking in order to enable employers to provide affordable, sustainable and inclusive workspace models for employees with mild cognitive impairment and dementia (MCI|Dem). With an aging workforce and earlier detection comes an exponential rise in the number of workers who will develop MCI|Dem on the job. To provide supports to workers with MCI|Dem, we build stakeholder partnerships in preparation for a real-world proof-of-concept, and progressive development of relevant supporting technologies that will emerge from the developmental evaluation of annual outputs. The impact of continuing employment for this “invisible” group of workers will support their rights and citizenship, and positively impact the overall economy while reducing costs to the social support system.